Wyniki ogólnopolskiego konkursu „Rymowanka angielska”.

Wyniki  ogólnopolskiego konkursu „Rymowanka angielska”.

I miejsce- mgr Katarzyna Jabłońska- Poznań

II miejsce- mgr  Ewelina Kutyła- Modliborzyce

Dziękujemy wszystkim za udział w konkursie.


„Im a Rabbit”   by  Katarzyna Jabłońska

I am a rabbit

Im eating a carrot,

I am a colourful,

very proud parrot.

I am a frog,

I jump up so high,

I am an angel

I fly to the sky.

I am a tiger

Fast like a lion,

I am a lion,

All animals king.


Sylwia Michalska

Sun, blue sky,

Its so fine!

Sun, green grass,

Come with us.

Hello Spring,

We are here!

Little Lady,

Stay with us,

We missed You,

All the time!


Spring colours! by  Ewelina Kutyła

Spring colours ale everywhere,

 Where? Where?

Some are in the park and garden

Well  go and find them!

Red and yellow are on the flower,

 I can look at them for an hour,

Blue is on the sky,

So I cant say “bye”.

Oranges hiding on the butterfly,

Where is black? On the fly?

Look! Theres green on the grass,

 And some purple on the bus,

So weve found them all,

 Oh! Theres also some white on the ball!